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We have much love for our Fluffy Dolls! Our Magazines, Shows, TV Series and Apparel are geared towards promoting confidence in our queens and princesses. Join our membership for only $25/month.

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Some people say fat, some say plus, some heavy…We say fluffy and beautiful women! We see you, we hear you and we admire you. Join the movement and let’s share your stories through our various channels. Great opportunity to connect with other incredible women that carry their fluff with pride and impacting their communities.

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Everyone needs to be mentored and need to mentor others. We are a family that wants to see the best in each other. We avoid unhealthy competition but instead we complement and complete each other. What are you waiting for? C’mon in as we and join us in positively influence our world.

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We are seeking for passionate people that will volunteer their time and resources so that we can scale faster to rescue more women from the rejection of the society in every form. 

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